Lyles for U.S. Senate 2018

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My View

​​​"Though an avid Democratic Party candidate, I have the ability to analyze, educate, and negotiate with key individuals to arrive at decisions that are in the best interest of all citizens.  On the other hand, I have no problem speaking out and standing alone. Often citizens feel that the laws of this country do not reflect and protect the civil liberties and individual rights of all people and that needs to change. The lack of representation of all citizens in this country has caused politicans to be viewed as untrustworthy and in turn, it has caused a decrease in the voting turnout. I intend to change that starting with the State of Florida's constituents."  
​Tamika Lyles

Women Rights
​​​Issues surrounding women's rights have always been up for debate. From equal pay to a woman's right to abortion, lawmakers frequently have to address how these issues impact society. My gender helps me to understand these issues first hand.
Gun Laws
​President Trump has recently made changes to gun laws. Many citizens fear that the changes will create larger issues. Should the mentally ill have access to guns?
​President Trump has promised to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, which is currently providing healthcare for millions of Americans. Insurance companies will have the ability to deny insurance coverage based on pre-existing conditions.
​Recently, this country has had a front row seat to how immigrants can be treated, with or without a VISA. Is this really the view we want to provide to other countries?
Senior Citizen Benefits
​​​Seniors should not have to be worried about their benefits decreasing or becoming non-existent. Their benefits should be protected.
​​​Over the years, a constant decrease in funding has crippled the public educational system. Teachers are not receiving an adequate salary and in turn, the children and youth are not experiencing the same level of education that was once provided.
​​​Homeless rates have flucuated throughout the years. More services have to be provided to allow individuals to receive the assistance they need to get off the streets.​ 
​Employment rates have increased over the last eight years. However, we want to keep moving in that direction.
Criminal Justice System
​​​​Issues involving distrust of the criminal justice system and those who work in it have to be resolved. From wrongful incarceration to the use of excessive force, the criminal justice system has to be rebuilt.   
Veteran Benefits
​​​Though veteran benefits have improved, veterans are still greatly in need of assistance. My military experience allows me to know and understand the needs of veterans first hand.