"Advocating for a Change Today That Will Bring About a Positive Tomorrow."​​

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Mother, Sister, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Advocate, & Mentor
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​Tamika Lyles for U.S. Senate 2018

​​​My Journey to Present

The only biological child of both her parents, Tamika Lyles, has continuously demonstrated just how unique she is. Where most children would take being born to a single hardworking parent as a negative and utilize it as a crutch for the path he/she chooses, Tamika did the absolute opposite. She has broken chains, achieved goals, and created paths to success where they did not exist for her. Moreover, she became a guiding light to others that were not fortunate to have a role model or someone who paved a positive road for them to follow. 

From a young child to present, she has demonstrated leadership, the ability to speak out while standing alone, and the incredible ability to excel in the face of adversity. While her peers were simply concerned about average children things, Tamika was focused on her path and carefully planning her steps for the future, which at that time included her becoming a physician. For example, at the age of fifteen and too young to work, she took and passed the Tennessee State Board Exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. As an undergraduate student, Tamika double majored in Pre-Med/Biology and Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice, including a minor in Political Science. Shortly after graduating with her undergraduate degree, she served in the United States Air Force Reserves in the medical squadron. Honorably discharged, she then obtained a Master's degree in Legal Studies. Currently, she is a Doctoral candidate in Public Administration with an emphasis in Law and Public Policy. Demonstrated through the courses of study that she has chosen and her military experience, it is very easy to see that she has dedicated her life to helping others. 

​More recently, Tamika Lyles is the Owner/CEO of two businesses and the President of one. Most importantly, all three businesses are founded on her main objective of helping others in need. Though this journey to United States Senate is one that she has never traveled, her underlining passion and desire combined with her knowledge and experience will be what makes Tamika a sucessful candidate. Moreover, her track record proves that she is loyal and dedicated to the betterment of others and she is not just another political candidate that has only appeared during election season. She welcomes the responsibility of being able to speak on behalf of the unheard and represent you in Congress. Join her movement and support her journey to U.S. Senate.